Be ONE with Nature...

A Wedding Embraced by Nature....

The Biggest and Most Memorable Wedding in Tatai

It was December 28, 2014 when this exceptional affair came about. A Khmer wedding ceremony indicates the start of an eventful day for Kannika & Seb. Local ceremonial mats are laid out in front of the tree house by the beach where the musicians and actors for the wedding rites await. Ceremonial leaders ( Achar & Monk) are both in place. The beautiful guests from Cambodia & France are on queue holding the fruits for the wedding ceremony.

Kannika & Seb, both handsomely dressed, look forward for the procession to start. Family & friends, all is set!

The Khmer wedding ceremony ends with cheers from family and friends. 

Buffet lunch is ready! With the assistance of PSE (Pour un Sourire d Enfant) students, the reception is presented to the guests.

Kannika & Seb’s Exchange of Vows venue is prepared at the beach front, right before sunset falls. The wedding arc is decorated with white wild orchids, in front are wooden chairs and lamps on the aisle are settled, the Champagne bottles and flute all properly lined up on the long table alongside the guests area. 

Family & friends, it is time for us to be delighted with the presence of our newlyweds!

As important people in Kannika & Seb’s life extend their thoughts and best wishes, all eyes are watchful, all ears eager to listen, everyone is all smiles. It is such an enchanting moment to witness!

What kind of dinner is fitting for this remarkable day? A surprisingly fine dining dinner in the jungle!

It is a wedding party after all, we have to put the music on, dance and jam with the live band. Party in the jungle it is! Nothing is impossible for a splendid celebration!

What a party that was! 

The next day, wake up to another exciting happening. Tatai Waterfalls is waiting for everyone to splash in.

After all the swimming and sun bathing, it is perfect to have a nice, bountiful barbecue lunch buffet back at the resort, a volleyball game afterwards, and finally yoga by sunset at the beach.

We are privileged and truly honoured to host this magical moment of Kannika & Seb. We all wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness to follow and for love to reign in your lives forever!