Be ONE with Nature...

Tatai, Koh Kong Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

How to Get Here...

The only way to reach the resort is by 25-minute boat ride from the Tatai Bridge (Phum Daung in Khmer) .

Where is Tatai Bridge?

The Tatai Bridge (Phum Daung) is the 4th bridge as you enter along Rd 48. The 1st bridge is Sre Ambel, the 2nd bridge is Andoung Teuk, 3rd bridge is Trapeang Rung.

If coming from Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville, or Phnom Penh by private transport...

If you are travelling using your own transport coming from Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh, you will be driving along Road 48 which is the road leading to Koh Kong.  You have to go under the Tatai bridge where you can park your car. Most of the community boats are docked around the area and that is where our check in boat is located. Our boatman will wait for your arrival.

If travelling by bus...

It is best to inform us which bus company and what time the bus will leave the station so that we can contact the bus company and advise them where you should be dropped off. Drop off point is before going over the Tatai Bridge.

Tatai Map around the Tatai Bridge
Tatai Map around the Tatai Bridge
Koh Kong City Landmark


Koh Kong Province is in the south west of Cambodia with extensive undeveloped shoreline and embraced by the Cardamom Mountains, the biggest unexplored rainforest of Southeast Asia.

Koh Kong is the new gateway for ecotourism in the country being surrounded by nature’s abundance. The province also has an Export Processing Zone and new port facilities are being developed for international trade.

The province is a popular entry to Cambodia from Hat Lek in southern Thailand. Coming in to Koh Kong before was a tough journey by using small ferries at river crossings but now the new road infrastructure is improving the access immensely.

Koh Kong City is bordered with a large forested area connected to the mainland by bridges. It's in general a peaceful & quiet town. There are reasons to stay in Koh Kong for more than one night; nearby islands, rivers, waterfall, mangroves sanctuary, trekking & tours into the nature are must see.

The people of Koh Kong speak mainly Khmer, and some speak Thai as well. Include Koh Kong Province in your travels within Cambodia and immerse yourself with the lush greens of the countryside. You definitely won't be disappointed!