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Ecotourism in Tatai, Koh Kong Province

Ecotourism in Tatai, Koh Kong Province intends to develop goals in increasing awareness with regard to responsible travel and promoting the conservation of natural ecosystem, biodiversity & culture. Inclusive growth involving community participation and protection of natural resources will help in forming a sustainable tourism within a natural cultural area.  All of our excursion and eco tours are tailor-made around this concept. 

Our Tours & Activities

Tatai Waterfalls in Tatai, Koh Kong Province

Tatai Waterfalls Daytrip 

The Tatai Waterfalls Daytrip is a must do when visiting Koh Kong. As you sail down the Tatai River, you will be captivated with the natural beauty all around. Get ready to notice the exotic birds and its hidden wildlife. At the final bend along the river, you are set to peek around the corner where the awesome Tatai Waterfalls is located.

Splash into the water and enjoy the natural hydro-massage. Have a refreshing drink as you sit under a shaded special barbecue picnic prepared for you. A short walk on top of the falls will give you an amazing view of a kind of natural infinity pool. Kayak nearby to personally look around and free your senses to the music of the forest.

Untouched beauty of Tatai Waterfalls
Sparkling waters of the Tatai Waterfalls
Tatai Waterfalls in Koh Kong
Koh Sralao fishing village in Koh Kong Province

Koh Sralao & Mangroves Tour 


A new day to discover the other side of Cambodia is in store for you. We will tour around the island of Koh Sralao to have an outside view of a fishing village. Afterwards, a cruise to the Mangroves of Boueng Kayak, known as the biggest Mangrove Sanctuary in Asia. Enjoy kayaking around the untouched nature and explore the extraordinary beautiful surroundings. 


Beautiful scenery along Tatai River
Koh Sralao Fishing Village in Koh Kong Province
Natural Mangroves Sanctuary in Koh Kong Province
Koh Andet and Tatai River

A Visit at Koh Andet 

Koh Andet (Floating Island) is opposite Tatai Riverfront Resort. There are 12 families residing on the island and most elders are refugees during Pol Pot regime. Residents are farmers owning plantations of durian, mangosteen and jackfruit. The local villagers take a huge participation in the workforce of the nearby establishments. They are very friendly and openly welcome visitors into their homes. Have a chat with the locals with the help of our tour guide while drinking fresh pick coconuts from their yard. 

Koh Andet in Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Koh Andet in Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Koh Andet means "Floating Island"
Sunset in Tatai Riverfront


Sunset Cruise 

The Sunset Cruise gives you that moment to gaze around, enjoy the amazingly clean sparkling waters of Tatai River and watch the colourful shades of the Tatai Sunset. We will take you to a romantic sail towards the open waters of the ocean to enjoy the relaxing beauty of nature. The enchanting scenery will truly inspire you to relish the luxury of being close to nature.

Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Koh Kong City Sunset

Koh Kong City Tour

Khmer food, and stroll by the Mangrove Forest. First stop is the Koh Kong Market. It is a fascinating place to visit not only to see how fresh the meats are but to be surprised how gold jewelleries are openly displayed for viewing and inspection. Yes, there is still a place without pickpockets and shoplifters!

Next, we go to a good spot to have lunch. Here you can taste authentic Cambodian cooking. The restaurant which is facing the ocean will give you a relaxing breeze while enjoying your meal.

As Koh Kong is the gateway for eco-tourism, the Beoung Kayak Mangrove Forest is another must-see. It is located just 7 KM from downtown Koh Kong. It showcases the oldest, widest and untouched mangrove farm in the region.

Clean Koh Kong Market
Mangroves Sanctuary in Koh Kong Province
Clean Koh Kong Market in Koh Kong City, Koh Kong Province
Tatai, Koh Kong Province

Cardamom Mountain Full Day Trekking - 6 to 9 hrs

The Cardamom Mountain is the untouched jungle of Cambodia which is largely covered with dense forest. It is the focal point of the country's flourishing wildlife.  

Since the ecotourism initiative in the region began, wildlife trade in the area has been reduced by a remarkable rate. Most of the illegal loggers & poachers converted to become tour guides of the Cardamoms.  

The range of flora and fauna is generally unidentified due to the massive scope and the remoteness of many parts of it. There is not much information about the wilderness in the Cardamoms as it is not yet explored intensively for study. This trip is truly a glimpse of the wild! 

Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Cardamom Trek in Tatai, Koh Kong Province
Tatai, Koh Kong Province
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A Visit at Koh Andet

Tatai Sunset Cruise

The Mangroves, Koh Smet Island

Tatai Waterfalls 
(with Special Barbecue Picnic & Drinks)

Koh Sralao Fishing Village

Koh Kong City Tour
*Outsourced tour with the Koh Kong Tour Operator

Cardamom Mountain Trek  
*Outsourced tour with the Koh Kong Tour Operator
**Seasonal Tour

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